Rapid X 2.1

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Rapid X 2.1 includes updated swaybars and suspension to increase suspension downtravel and utilize longer 100mm shocks.  

The ultimate in race chassis is here!  With over 2 years of development, we're confident we have made the lowest, lightest, and fastest shafty chassis on the market.  We have blurred the line between chassis and transmission.  The transmission is now a structural part of the chassis with the 4-link bars bolting directly to it.  The battery actually passes through it!  There is a seperate pocket inside the transmission to hide your wiring.  The power switch mount is integrated into the side of the transmission.  Weighing in at a crazy low 4.25 lbs and every component being mounted as low as possible, the center of gravity is lower than the centerline of the wheels!  It can even drive upside down! 

***3 week lead time on all chassis***

- Billet aluminum chassis/transmission

- Carbon fiber shock towers, swaybars, and esc plate 

- Aluminum skidplate

- NEW Lowered axle 4-link mounts

- Integrated power switch

- Wiring pocket inside transmission

- Lexan swaybars with multiple stiffnesses available

- Requires 2s LCG shorty lipo

- 540 motor size only

- 100mm SCT Shocks

***Available with or without axles***

Recommended shock setup:

100mm SCT Shocks

1.8 lb. Springs

8 Hole pistons (1mm dia)

20wt shock fluid


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